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Treasure Valley and Magic Valley

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Hi, Carl here.  We find that Mountain Home sits on the edge of both Treasure and Magic Valleys.  I know I've hauled a trailer through both looking for good deals on calves and pigs to bring home to our little farm here.

Definitely different challenges for this part of the country versus what a lot of the east coast homesteaders are dealing with.  Most of them have probably never seen a center pivot or had to haul hand-lines on an early summer morning.

Let me know who else in in the area and how we can help one another.


Topic starter Posted : 17/08/2020 9:57 am
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I just moved to Magic Valley in December. We moved from condo living to a bit of acreage to see how independent we can be in terms of the grid. It is a huge learning curve but we are excited to try. I am a city girl from Jersey but have moved across the country with my husband exploring and meeting people of all backgrounds. I have been watching every video I can find from Doug and Stacy. I have learned so much! But my immediate concern is getting a garden in. I have done gardens before but this is a first in this cold and windy climate. My seedlings are not growing very fast and I fear they will not be ready for planting when the last frost passes. I have them under grow lights but our house stays at about 65 degrees. My sister in law has MS and requires a cooler house to feel her best. So until we get a greenhouse built i am trying to figure out what to do. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Posted : 18/04/2021 6:57 pm