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[Sticky] * IMPORTANT - READ FIRST: Hunting & Gun Talk Rules

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Hello fellow huntsmen and women! 

This forum is a useful tool to help you learn and share more about the great outdoors. Please remember that in this forum, there could be photos of dead animals, talk about hunting and harvesting meat, as well as gun talk. All of this is OK! Please do not report any of the posts that pertain to these topics. 


As you can imagine, in today's world, we have to cover all of our bases. While gun talk is not prohibited, please take the discussions of buying/selling/trading to private messages or off of the forum. This helps us not have to deal with legalities in each individual state, and helps us keep the forum free from government intrusion. 

You CAN talk and post about guns, weapons, home defense, and more! Just remember to keep it family friendly. Enjoy!

Thanks for helping us out!

The Homesteaders of America Team

Topic starter Posted : 09/07/2020 9:57 am
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