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Software for Farmer’s Market Business

Dana Squires
New Member


Does anyone know of a software product that can help me track expenses and income for my   farmers market business? I am a vendor at my local farmer’s market. I sell jams, jelly apple butter, baked goods, and excess veggies when I have them. I would like to be able to run reports that will show me what is selling well and my return on investment to make sure I am making a reasonable profit on what I sell vs the cost. I also want to make sure my records are in order for the next tax season. 

Thanks in advance.


PS: hope this posts correctly this is the first time I have posted here. 

Topic starter Posted : 31/03/2021 1:19 pm
Amber Saldana
New Member

D- we have been doing a lot of research on that and what looks like May work for us is Local Line. A few of the YouTube homesteaders have given it pretty good reviews and for what we want to do, it looks like it fits. 

Specifically Stoney Ridge and Flower Hill Farm are two I can think of. It’s worth checking out. Did you find something you liked since posting?

Posted : 20/07/2021 2:07 pm