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Hey ya'll!

Please make sure that you read ALL of the forum rules before you post in this forum. You can find a complete list of forum rules by CLICKING HERE. This is a general "chit-chat" thread, and we trust that everyone will act like adults and play nice! If you see anything inappropriate or spammy, please report it. 

REMINDER: this is a family friend forum. If you personally attack, belittle, use inappropriate language, etc., you will be removed. READ THE RULES before you post! 

In addition to the regular rules, we have a few more rules for this board and thread. 

  1. Please keep in mind that animals are butchered on homesteads for meat. If you are not someone who believes in that, please simply scroll on and do not comment. Comments complaining about photos or the simple process of processing livestock will be removed. If you continue to complain, YOU will be removed. 
  2. There are right and wrong ways to dispatch livestock. If you are showing inhumane practices in raising or dispatching livestock, we will remove your threads from the board. If you continue to do it, you'll be removed indefinitely. If you don't know the proper way to raise and dispatch livestock, ask. Plenty of homesteaders are happy to educate!

Happy posting!

The Homesteaders of America Team

Topic starter Posted : 17/07/2020 3:07 pm