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    What to Plant in January: Vegetable Garden Growing Guide

    Learn what to plant in January with Homesteaders of America Vegetable Garden Growing Guides! While most of the gardens in the United States are still resting, perhaps even insulated under a thick blanket of snow, there are a few southern areas beginning to warm up and will be ready to grow vegetables soon! What to […]

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    Free-Ranging Chickens- The Pros vs The Cons

    A lot of people love the idea of free-ranging their chickens and I’m definitely one of them. Like with anything in life and homesteading, there are some pros and cons to free-ranging chickens. Free-Ranging Chickens- The Pros vs The Cons Chickens are known as the “gateway animals” in homesteading. So, you get a few baby […]

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    Sustainable Farming: Making a Living on the Homestead with Joel Salatin

    If you’ve ever wondered how to make a living from a homestead, there’s a man who can tell you about the sustainable farming methods that can make your dream a reality.  Joel Salatin is that man. His family owns Polyface Farm in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Homesteading is – or should be – something like a closed […]

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    Homestead Management Printables

    I am a planner by nature, but implementing my plans is a completely different story. As the new year comes closer, one of my top goals is to be more organized in the new year. After all, I’m planning a the Homesteaders of America conference in October—I better be prepared and well planned! Taking on such […]

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