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How to Raise a Dairy Cow on Pasture

Raising a dairy cow on pasture is one of the best decisions you could make for your homestead… So, you’re beginning to get this homesteading thing down. You grew bushels of tomatoes this year, you’ve got chickens in a tractor, and, filled with inspiration, you’ve almost decided to take the plunge and buy a family […]

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The Different Colors of Honey

Honey comes in an array of colors. Today we are discussing where the different colors of honey come from and what they mean for the honey in your jar. Have you ever noticed that honey from different sources is often found in varying colors? The beekeeper at the Farmer’s Market might have lighter honey than […]

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12 Heritage Meat Chicken Breeds

When you think of meat chicken breeds, your mind probably goes straight to the Cornish Cross broilers. This breed is most commonly used for meat. The very fast growth rate of this breed is appealing, but there are plenty of heritage meat chicken breeds that can give you a good amount of meat without the […]

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Homesteaders and the Next Great Depression

Earlier this week the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released their recent data showing that the United States GDP fell by 0.9% in the second quarter, after declining 1.6% in the first quarter. Generally, two consecutive quarters of a negative GDP growth means that we are officially in a recession, or very rapidly headed into […]

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How to Start Seeds for the Homestead Garden

Do you know how to start seeds for your garden? Seed starting doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow this how-to guide to get started! Is it really necessary to start seeds indoors? Well, no… you can grow food without starting seeds, BUT  if you are looking to grow an efficient, sustainable, and highly productive garden, […]

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8 Benefits of Mulch in the Garden

Many gardeners believe that mulch is reserved for flower beds surrounding the home to increase curb appeal or for someone using the Back to Eden gardening method. In reality, mulch can be an incredible asset to any garden. Let’s talk about what mulch is and the benefits of mulch in the garden.  Uses and Benefits of […]

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