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    Homestead Stories

    Bringing Old-World Rural Skills to the New World

    Enjoy this story of a lifelong homesteader’s journey to bring old-world rural skills to the new world. Farm and rural life have always been something I was completely in love with. Growing up in a very rural setting in beautiful Bavaria, Germany, farm and homestead living was at the core of our everyday life. Except, we […]

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    365 Independence Days

    We’re bringing you another classic lecture from the 2017 Homesteaders of America conference! Last time, we shared Joel Salatin’s vision of What is a Homesteader. Today, we hope you’re encouraged by Esther Emery’s inspirational talk where she shares the real legacy that her mother, the author Carla Emory who wrote Encyclopedia of Country Living, passed […]

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    A Heritage to Farm | Part 2 of 3

    [Note: start from the beginning of this memoir series here.] A woodpile sits just outside the back door, firewood soon to be rendered useless because Spring is on the horizon: birds are singing their songs, the creek is running pretty well after a few showers, and thunderstorms are on the forecast. The earth stretches and […]

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