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    Spicy Eggs with Bacon & Kale

    Spicy Eggs with Bacon & Kale is a favorite breakfast dish. It’s delicious, easy, healthy, and a satisfying farm-to-table meal you can grow. Eggs. If you have a homestead, you most likely have eggs. Even urban backyard chicken keepers will have eggs coming out of their ears most Summers. So when we have all of […]

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    Homestead Rabbit Basics

    So you want to start your homestead rabbit journey, and you’re not sure where to begin. What do they eat? How much do they eat? What happens if they get sick? How do they live? While these things can all be elaborated on extensively, we’ll try to sum it up for you in a condensed […]

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    The Homesteaders of America “Homesteader” Gift Guide

    The Homesteaders of America Homesteader Gift Guide Welcome to the Homesteaders of America Homesteader Gift Guide! In this guide you’ll find the tools, products, & services that every homesteader in your life would love to receive and that includes the KIDsteaders! (We couldn’t leave out the future generation of American homesteaders!) Thank you so much […]

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