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    Chicken Breed Egg Colors

    Do you know the difference in chicken breed egg colors? Which chickens lay blue eggs? Which ones lay green eggs? In your quest for fresh chicken eggs, you may be wondering which chickens to buy that will give you colored eggs. Maybe you are interested in a heritage breed flock of chickens. Sometimes chicken owners want to […]

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    What to Plant in November: Vegetable Garden Growing Guide

    Learn what to plant in November with Homesteaders of America Vegetable Garden Growing Guides! Many folks throughout the country have closed down their garden for the growing season and are turning more to indoor activities now that the weather has grown cold. The rest is a welcome break from the garden toil of the past […]

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    What to Plant in October: Vegetable Garden Growing Guide

    Learn what to plant in October with Homesteaders of America Vegetable Garden Growing Guides! With October comes cooler temperatures and even the first frost in many areas of the United States of America. This means another gardening season is in the books. We can kick back and enjoy the literal fruits of our labor. If […]

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    10 Maple Syrup Tips for Rookies

    While there is an abundance of information on how to tap trees and make maple syrup, learn from my rookie mistakes with these 10 maple syrup tips. How To Make Maple Syrup guides are readily available online and in books. I picked up a great book at Lehman’s that was very helpful. I recommend that anyone interested […]

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    Growing Herbs for Bees

    Herbs are very beneficial for honey bees in the homestead apiary! Learn which flowering and medicinal herbs for bees you should grow in your garden. The buzzing of pollinators in a garden—it’s a sound every gardener loves to hear in the spring. It means healthy plants and vegetables will soon arrive, and our little bee […]

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    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Homesteaders of America Conference 2020

    It goes without saying—this year has been a whirlwind of crazy. We’ve been holding our breath since March of this year. With each passing month—with one homesteading conference after another being cancelled—we thought for sure that we’d be in the clear this coming October. Sadly, our optimism has faded. We have watched the world go […]

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    A Broken Food System | It’s Time to Rebuild

    Broken Food System

    “The food supply chain is breaking.” These are the words John Tyson, board chairman of Tyson Foods, wrote this week. Over 2-million chickens will be (or have already been) killed in the wake of the recent virus. Why? Because of viral outbreaks in the processing plants, and social distancing restrictions. Likewise, Smithfield Foods––the largest pork […]

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