Becoming a Farm Girl

About Cassandra Daniel

Cassandra Daniel is the author behind the blog, a place where she passionately shares ways to start saying ‘YES’ to your homestead dream and live a farm fresh life without land or livestock. While some farm girls are born into the lifestyle, others are made. 

Becoming a Farm Girl isn’t just about how Cassandra’s grafting herself into farm life, it’s about building community with others moving towards decreasing their dependency on the grocery store by growing and preserving food, eyeing those “old-fashioned” methods with interest, or using natural remedies to live more sustainably all while you’re (fill in the blank: in an apartment, townhouse, city, working full time, looking for land, etc.).

Through her YouTube videos, blog, e-books, and canning community, you’ll find the support, understanding, skills, and knowledge to be a homestead dreamer in motion. Even in a small space and in your spare time, you can build self-reliance, scale your micro homestead, and develop a doable plan to achieve your farm dream. 

Cassandra works full time as an Assistant Principal. Her husband, Tre, is a U.S. Navy Chief. They share their townhome with their furbaby French Bulldog, Thor, a covey of quail, and a worm farm in Central Maryland.

2024 Homesteaders of America Conference

TOPIC 1: Compact Cultivation: Meat, Livestock and Gardening on your Pocket Plot

TOPIC 2: Seasonal Eating and Cooking Off the Cuff

DATE: October 11-12, 2024