Little Pallet Farmhouse

Carrie Wilson loves to talk horse ! Literally !! Graduating the Parelli professionals “Harvard of Horsemanship” program in 2013 as a licensed instructor. She went on to train under some of the top international horsemen in the world. Stationed in Dubai, she worked alongside Royal family members and UAE endurance teams, training with horses competing in the world equestrian games. She additionally ran an equine tourist facility operating adventure tours in the desert, taught countless students, 100’s of horses and became a known name for her work in the region. 

Married to a masterful carpenter, Carrie relocated with her family ( AND HER HORSE)  to her husbands heartland in midwest America to start a farm. She launched a social media channel known as @thelittlepalletfarmhouse on Instagram to share her homesteading adventures and produced the homestead documentary series as seen on YouTube

Bringing their skills together and using their woodland resource,  their focus is to harvest and build their dream homestead with their own timber milled on their portable sawmill while training their own logging pony to do the heavy lifting. Carrie is a big advocate of having horses on a homestead both for pleasure and purpose and is passionate to persuade others of the promising possibilities !  

Topic: Homestead Horses and The Work They Can Do

Date: Saturday, October 9th at 1:00PM