We are pleased to ANNOUNCE another demonstrator for the Homesteaders of America conference and fair in 2017. Please note, these demonstrators and presenters will be doing their demonstrations and speaking with people ALL DAY LONG. You do NOT have to pick and choose who to see and when to see them. Each demonstrator will have 2-3 demonstrations or lectures through out the entire day. This gives our attendees a chance to see just about everything they want to see. In 2018, if all goes as planned, we will plan to have a 2 day conference and fair event so that it gives attendees more time.

Without further ado….we give you this brilliant man! We had to laugh when he sent his photo, but it captures who he is, and that’s what we enjoy seeing.

Joshua Langfitt is a father of 7, a husband of 15 years, and a small scale homesteader living in Southwestern Virginia. He has been a hobbiest blacksmith for over 20 years, but is currently the head blacksmith at Historic Smithfield Plantation in Blacksburg, Virginia. He organizes the efforts of 3 master smiths, 1 journeyman smith, and is currently teaching 6 new apprentices. He can make just about anything, but specializes in tools for craftsmen and carpenters.

You won’t want to miss Joshua’s simple basics that he’ll be creating—something many homesteaders will want to learn how to do around their homestead!