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As you can imagine, we’ve learned and grown so much this year. The conference has been such an incredible learning experience for us, and we’re discovering what people truly want out of Homesteaders of America.
What have we been hearing that you want?
More hands on workshops (we can’t wait to tell you what we have planned next year!)
Access to this year’s (and looking forward, previous years) video from our main speakers.
More interaction with the homesteaders you love and follow.
Discounts and coupons to the sponsors and vendors of the year.
…and more!
Because of this, we’re simplifying our membership, and instead of an “online” membership, turning our membership into an actual organization membership.
That means that once you sign up and pay your membership, you’re an official member of the Homesteaders of America organization. This means that your yearly membership helps us make our conference(s) happen, workshops happen, helps us run the website and plan amazing events for you, and helps lighten the load on our volunteers by offering them a healthy warm meal in their bellies the day of set up for each year’s conference.
In return, you’re going to get some crazy cool perks as part of your membership.
  • Access to private forums and topics on our website (coming soon!)
  • Pre-sale tickets
  • Pre-sale WORKSHOP tickets
  • Discounted apparel (when we have it)
  • Coupons and Discounts from sponsors and vendors
  • Full (and instant!) access to the conference videos of our main speakers
    • LIVE webinars hosted by the very teachers you learned from at Homesteaders of America conference 2017 (coming soon!)
  • ..and more, as we continue to grow and expand!

You get all of this, and more, for an extremely reasonable yearly rate of $35 per annual membership. 

We know homesteaders are on a budget, because we, like you, are homesteaders!

If you are interested in becoming a member, we encourage you to join now and get instant access to the videos and discounts. We’ll be adding more things throughout the year!

Click on the button below to join for $35 per YEAR!

** Please note: You’ll make your payment of $35, but this does NOT complete your registration. Minutes after your payment, you’ll be emailed a registration page to complete your registration. Make sure you finish registering to get instant access!

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