Cheryl Aker

In 2011, when my hubby and I bought our little 10-acre homestead, it started out resembling a moonscape. But it came roaring back to life with some tender loving care and well-timed, much-needed rain. The Pasture, as it has come to be known, is now teeming with life. And we suffer from Pasture Deficit Disorder anytime we’re away from it. Along the way, we’ve added chickens, longhorn cows, and plenty of cats and dogs to the mix!  We grow a few veggies, a few peaches, lots of herbs, and harvest native pecans and wild dewberries. We’ve taught ourselves how to install hundreds of feet of water lines, build a chicken coop, build lots and lots (and lots) of fencing, build decks, and we even built a 28 ft. x 56 ft. post-frame barn – all just the two of us! Grab a cup of coffee and join us for our adventures.