I am completely ecstatic about this girl coming to the Homesteaders of America conference next October. TOTALLY! She is amazing.

We are incredibly excited to bring you another presenter for the 2017 conference. If you’re looking deeper into dairy on your homestead, this is the pro you want to learn from!

Katie Millhorn is a modern day milk maid. A true farmHER and a legit coffee addict. Katie is also the witty, “tell it how it is” blogger behind http://www.livinlovinfarmin.com and the Millhorn Farmstead. She spends her days milking cows, making cheese, and herding around her four mischievous children.

Katie is a farmer’s wife and a preacher’s daughter. She practices holistic, Christ based agriculture on their family’s fourth generation farm in Idaho. When she’s not fixing things with zip ties and baling twine, she’s raising farm direct pastured pork, Jersey cows, Finn Sheep and the elusive Bresse chicken.

Katie is the owner of the licensed raw dairy, Millhorn Farmstead, where she has a waiting list of over 6 months long. Her farm is currently home to 11 jersey cows and an incredible puppy-like mini jersey bull named Rusty. Katie began her career in the medical field after a decade of dealing with big pharma games. She took a drastic career change and began her quest to go back to her roots and become self sufficient. Over a decade later, her family’s homestead has become more than just a dream, it is now a way of life. Canning over 120 dozen jars of food per year produced from the family garden, and milking her way to the top of Idaho’s ‘must have’ raw dairies—Katie is the farm gal you want to hear from for all things raw dairy.

At the 2017 conference, Katie will be holding classes on “Keeping a Family Milk Cow 101”, including the right breed for YOUR homestead, milking, calving, and general husbandry. And she’ll also be touching on A2A2 beta casein protein.

Welcome to the team, Katie!!