We are pleased to ANNOUNCE our next demonstrator at the 2017 Conference & Fair!

You may know her as A Farm Girl In The Making, but she is, in fact, one of the most incredible, sweet spirited people you’ll ever meet. We are honored to announce Ann Accetta-Scott as a demonstrator for our upcoming conference. Ann has a history and love with Essential Oils, Colloidal Silver, and holistic health in general. Ann and her family homestead in Washington state, and believe in all natural remedies for themselves and their animals. Ann can help you through any “wet” and dirty situation on your homestead, as living in Washington has tested their skills time and time again with bacteria and viruses that their animals may encounter from living in a wet environment that cannot be controlled.

If you’ve been wanting to learn about essential oils from a scientific point of view, and about the amazing health benefits of colloidal silver (including household management, cleaning, treating viruses and bacterial infections, and more!), you won’t want to miss Ann at our conference in 2017!

Follow Ann online—

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/afarmgirlinthemaking
Instagram:  http://www.instagram.com/afarmgirlinthemaking
Website: http://www.afarmgirlinthemaking.com