Bee Kept

About Adam Martin

Bee Kept is located in Southern Middle Tennessee and is owned by Adam and Leslie Martin. Our bee adventure, like most others, started out using all of the traditional methods taught and promoted by beekeepers and bee clubs all over America and the western world. After failing miserably in our first season of beekeeping, we used these failures as opportunities to learn outside-of-the-bee-box thinking with our beekeeping methods. We learned about God’s Creative Intelligent Design for bees and we learn about more natural and sustainable beekeeping practices. The rest is history! Since then our bees have enjoyed great success and we have naturally begun to share what we have learned with others. Adam loves bees, and almost equally, loves teaching others what he has learned about bees! If you have tried and failed or if you are where I was five years ago, we invite you on this adventure and looking forward to meeting and talking to you about it!!!

2023 Homesteaders of America Conference