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    Month: November 2023

    How to Make Fire Cider

    Fire Cider is a useful, widely-used herbal folk remedy that is wonderful to have on hand as a preventative measure against getting sick. For many generations, people have passed down this esteemed warming remedy for its ability to elevate natural health. Although it has been prized for ages, it wasn’t until the 1970s that renowned […]

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    Winter Garden Planning: The Secret to Success

    “The most efficient and effective way to guarantee summer success is through planning your garden during the winter.” We are heading into the coldest, bleakest months of the year, but this season has one highlight… something like the gardener’s version of the swallows returning to Capistrano: The arrival of seed catalogs in the mail. The […]

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    E28: Homestead Cheesemaking 101 | Robyn of Cheese from Scratch

    Any homesteader who has a dairy animal or two knows the importance of finding a use for all of that milk.  Making cheese at home is not only a great way to provide nourishing food for your family, it is also an excellent method of preserving milk.  Robyn began her cheesemaking journey by using her dairy cow’s milk to make cheese for her family, and she quickly realized there was a need for cheesemaking education specifically for the homesteader.  In this conversation, Robyn answers the most common questions about getting started making cheese from scratch.  If learning how to make cheese is on your list of skills to master, give this episode a listen!

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    E27: What You Need to Know about Homestead Legislation & Advocacy | Nick Freitas

    As homesteaders and farmers, local and federal regulations around food production and property rights impact us more than we might like to admit.  Nick Freitas joins us today to break down what it looks like for average citizens to get involved in the legislative process and make a difference in their communities.  Homesteaders, it is more important than ever to stay informed and make our voices heard! 

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