Month: October 2023

E26: Breaking Homestead Stereotypes | Jill Winger

Jill Winger is one of the original homestead bloggers to start sharing her homesteading journey online.  She has been living this lifestyle for well over a decade, and she has gained insight and perspective over those years that she loves to share with others in the homesteading community.  In this conversation, we dive into comparison, money mindsets, community enrichment, and more.  Whether you are a new homesteader or have been living this lifestyle for years, may Jill’s encouragement meet you right where you are.

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E25: The Gifts of the Homestead Life | Francesca Battistelli

You might recognize today’s guest from her successful years-long career in Christian music, but you may not know that Francesca Battistelli is part of the homesteading world as well.  What began as a nudge to leave behind the busy pace of a traveling musician and spend more time at home with her children has turned into a full-blown homesteading, homeschooling, homemaking, home-loving life.  Join us as Francesca shares her homesteading story: how it all got started, where they are now, and what they hope and dream for the future.  Along the way, Francesca points out so many of the beautiful reasons that the homesteading lifestyle has captured so many of our hearts here in the HOA community.

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