Month: September 2023

E24: Starting a Raw Milk Herdshare | Michelle & Adam Barringer

For dairy cow owners who find themselves overwhelmed with an abundance of milk or an abundance of friends and neighbors asking for milk, a herdshare could be a great option for you!  Additionally, if you live in a state where it is illegal to sell raw milk, starting a herdshare is a wonderful way to provide milk to your community without legal issues.  Whether you are looking to join a herdshare in your area or start one from your own homestead, this episode is a great starting place to get your questions answered.  Michelle and Adam have been running their herdshare for a couple of years now, and they are generously sharing their insight into this process from start to finish!

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E23: Keeping Livestock IN Their Fencing | Joe Putnam of Premier 1 Supplies

Anyone who has tried to fence in livestock knows that there are many variables to consider.  Will electric fencing work for every animal?  Why might my livestock be escaping?  Do I need an additional perimeter fence?  In this episode, fencing expert Joe Putnam of Premier 1 Supplies answers many of the most common questions about livestock fencing and shares the variety of resources Premier 1 has to offer homesteaders of all kinds.  Join us!

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