Month: August 2023

E22: Creating Passive Income to Fund Your Homestead Dream | Natalie Argo of Hey It’s a Good Life

What started as a mama’s desire to stay home and raise her babies has turned into a full-time income for Natalie’s family that supports their homesteading dreams.  Through the successes and failures of growing her first garden, Natalie discovered the magic of worm composting for soil fertility, and it transformed her garden.  Natalie began sharing the expertise she gained in worm farming via digital products, and she now teaches other women to do the same.  Join us for this discussion on bringing dreams to reality– both in the garden and in entrepreneurship!

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E21: All About Dairy Sheep (An Incredible Multi-Purpose Homestead Animal) | Rachel Hester of Whoopsy Daisy Farm

After listening to this episode, you are going to be itching to add dairy sheep to your homestead!  Rachel gives an overview of all of the most commonly asked questions about getting started with dairy sheep: milk quality, sheep breeds, breeding, milking, feeding, and more!  Sheep are an incredible multi-purpose homestead animal that can thrive even on small acreage.  If you want to be part of the sheep movement in the homesteading world, this is a great episode to help you consider whether dairy sheep are a good fit for you!

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