Month: July 2023

E20: All About Wool Sheep: Choosing a Breed, Processing Fiber, Natural Dyes | Janet Garman of Timber Creek Farm

We are bringing you a series of episodes on the podcast about raising sheep, and in today’s episode, Janet of Timber Creek Farm is lending her expertise to the conversation!  Janet has been building her homestead and growing her skills for decades, and she has a unique passion for creating beautiful fibers with natural dyes.  Join us as we talk about acquiring and maintaining a healthy flock of sheep that is right for you and your homestead.  We also discuss what to do with the wool after shearing and why wool is such a valuable resource.

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E19: Getting Started with Sheep + Starting a Farm Business | Grace the Shepherdess

I am noticing a trend in the homesteading world toward raising sheep.  There are so many great reasons to consider adding sheep to your homestead, and Grace the Shepherdess is here to share with us all about her small-scale regenerative sheep farming operation.  She talks through some of the different breeds of sheep and what they are useful for, the ins and outs of rotational grazing with sheep, and the profitability of raising sheep in today’s market.  If you are working with a small piece of land or you are simply interested in adding a smaller-scale ruminant to your homestead, join in on this conversation with the Shepherdess!

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