Month: May 2023

E17: What You May Not Know About Pasture Health | Suzanne Nelson of Reverence Farms

When it comes to raising dairy cows, pasture management requires more intentionality than you may expect.  From understanding the nutritional needs of cows to recognizing signs of poor pasture health, Suzanne of Reverence Farms is a wealth of wisdom on this topic.  Whether you have future plans of owning a grazing animal or you are looking to take your current pastures to the next level, this conversation with Suzanne is rich with practical information and plenty of education for every homesteader.

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E16: Homestead Security | John Dyslin, Author of Nehemiah Strong

As homesteaders, we work hard to make our homes a refuge from the storms that rage in the world around us.  Learning to protect what we are building and prepare for the future is an essential part of pursuing homestead security.  Author John Dyslin gets fired up about teaching people to stand up against and overcome evil in the world.  For those who are believers and those who are not, this conversation will encourage you to be strong and courageous as you prepare for whatever may come in the days ahead.

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