Month: April 2023

E15: Healthcare Freedom | Mike Sharman of Share HealthCare

As homesteaders, we recognize that many of the cultural systems around us are broken.  Many of us opt out of mainstream food systems, educational systems, corporate systems, etc.  As a long-time religious freedom attorney and founder of a healthcare sharing organization, Mike Sharman is here to talk to us about what it looks like to opt out of the mainstream health insurance system.  We’ll chat about how healthcare sharing can support our medical freedom, financial freedom, and religious freedom all at the same time.  Join us!

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E14: Homestead Parenting | RuthAnn Zimmerman

We get a lot of questions about what it looks like to involve your kids in your homestead.  As a mother of seven and multigenerational homesteader, RuthAnn does this really well.  Join us as we discuss age-appropriate responsibilities for children, having realistic expectations for your season of parenting, the gift of boredom for our children, and more!

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