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    Month: February 2023

    How to Make Rennet for Cheesemaking

    Though some folks try to search for ways around using it, rennet is a crucial ingredient for coagulating milk into curds when cheesemaking. Clean, sustainable sources of rennet can be difficult to find for the home dairy but you can learn how to make rennet on the homestead.  Anyone who has added cheesemaking to their […]

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    Chick Days! | Tom Watkins of Murray McMurray Hatchery

    With springtime fast approaching, homesteaders and backyard chicken keepers are planning ahead for their next round of chicks.  In this conversation with Tom of Murray McMurray Hatchery, we discuss everything a brand new chicken owner needs to know to get started.  Tom also shares about some of the rare breeds being raised at McMurray; you don’t want to miss it!

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    Seed Starting & Transplanting | Paul Hutcheson of Windmill Heights Garden Center

    It is the time of year when gardeners begin to get the itch to start seeds.  Depending on your zone, you may have already begun the process of sprouting seeds for your future garden.  Whether you are already watching tiny sprouts emerge or you have many weeks left to wait, you will love this conversation with Paul Hutcheson, owner of Windmill Heights Garden Center.  He breaks down how to achieve the perfect timing in starting seeds and transplanting, how to pursue ideal conditions, plus some incredible advice for new gardeners.  Join us for this rich conversation as we look forward to spring and summer gardening.

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