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    Month: March 2021

    Buying Homestead Land | How to Afford Farm Land

    Many new homesteaders ask, “How do you afford buying homestead land?” Here is what drives up land prices and action tips so you can afford farmland. One question many new and aspiring homesteaders have is, “How do you afford land?” How do you get into owning your own property and buying homestead land? That can […]

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    Farm Like a Lunatic | Foundations in Farming & Homesteading with Joel Salatin

    Farm Like a Lunatic: Foundations in Farming & Homesteading with Joel Salatin

    Introducing the Farm Like a Lunatic: Foundations of Farming & Homesteading Course by Joel Salatin! When you look around the world it’s easy to realize there has never been a better time to stop homestead dreaming and start homestead DOING! Now is always the best time to start focusing on regaining your “independence, self-reliance, & […]

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    10 Maple Syrup Tips for Rookies

    While there is an abundance of information on how to tap trees and make maple syrup, learn from my rookie mistakes with these 10 maple syrup tips. How To Make Maple Syrup guides are readily available online and in books. I picked up a great book at Lehman’s that was very helpful. I recommend that anyone interested […]

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