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The 2018 Homesteaders of America Conference is bringing you a brand new level of “hands-on” learning experiences. In 2017, we heard from a lot of our attendees loud and clear, and their biggest request was to offer special workshops where they could actually “do” what the teacher was showing or talking about. This year, we’re doing exactly that!

Many people attended the Hand Hewn Farm hog butchery workshop last year (the Friday before the conference), and it sold out in less than 1 week. We expect the same to happen with these workshops.

* Please note that these workshops are separate from conference tickets. You will need to purchase conference tickets separately. 

*Please also note that these workshops are NON-REFUNDABLE, so please be kind to other students that might be interested and make sure you can attend!


Here are the workshops that will be available on THURSDAY OCTOBER 11th, the Thursday before the conference. All workshops will be held at the Warren County Fairgrounds in Front Royal, VA.

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Dry Curing Meat at Home with Hand Hewn Farm

COST: $175 single

Teacher: Andy Lane and Doug Wharton from Hand Hewn Farm

CLASS LIMIT: 15 people

Date & Time: October 11, 9 am- 4pm, 1 hour lunch break

This workshop will start with a hands-on butchering of half a heritage hog to cover many of the options for dry cured pork cuts as well as those from other animals. Once we have isolated the cuts for dry curing, we will discuss historical techniques as well as more modern methods for preserving pork. While we won’t be providing a full lunch, there will be samples of cured cuts from our farm for sampling. After lunch you will be guided through the curing process for all the cuts from the pig.  To help further your knowledge base we will demo different casing, tying, and aging techniques for cured meats. Curing chambers, and cellars on the homestead will round out the class so you will be fully prepared to take the next step in homestead preservation. 

What you’ll need to bring:
Yourself and an apron.


COST: $50 single, $85 couple

Teacher: Gina Phelps

CLASS LIMIT: 25 people

Date & Time: October 11, starts at 9 am, 4-5 hour class, 1 hour lunch break.

Join Gina Phelps, a certified healing food specialist, as she walks you through fermenting foods on your homestead. You’ll even get to make your own ferments and take them home!

Learn about the benefits of pre and pro biotics and the importance of the proper bacteria for Gut and Brain health.

What you’ll need to bring: 
Attendees will bring veggies, fruits, spices,  and nuts of choice to make their ferments, as well as  1/2 gallon or 1 quart size wide mouth Ball jars.  Also, local attendees will be asked to bring knives and cutting boards.

ADDITIONAL COST: If you cannot bring your own knife and cutting board, we can supply you with one for an additional $25 per person. Please note the cost differences at check out.


COST: $100 single

Teacher: Joshua Langfitt

CLASS LIMIT: 20 people

Date & Time: October 11, 9 am- 4pm, 1 hour lunch break

Through making a few projects, students will learn the basic skills to start blacksmithing. The minimum projects you will accomplish will be a fire rake/poker (bending, and drawing out stock), a basic J hook (punching,, scrolling, and tapering), a drive hook ( tapering, scrolling, and upsetting), a bottle opener (slitting, drifting, bob punching)

What you’ll need to bring:
a ball peen or cross peen hammer you are comfortable swinging. Teacher suggests a weight under 2 lbs.

ADDITIONAL COST: If you cannot bring your own ball peen or hammer, we can supply you with one for an additional $20 per person. Please note the cost differences at check out.


COST: $50 single, $80 couple

Teacher: Jeremy Chambers, Independence Acres Homestead


Date & Time: October 11, 9 am- 4pm, 1 hour lunch break

During this class, Jeremy Chambers will walk you through the steps of rabbit processing, parting out or de-boning, and even preparing two rabbit based dishes with you.

Each participant /couple will walk away with the knowledge of processing and rabbit anatomy, confidence to prepare a dish, and a rabbit packaged and ready to cook.
Morning session will consist of a processing class, a lesson on parting out and de-boning a rabbit, and preparing two rabbit based dishes. Afternoon session will consist of each participant/couple processing their own rabbit (provided for you) under the supervision of the instructor, packaging it to take home, and sampling the dishes prepared in the morning during a Q&A session.

What you’ll need to bring:
sharp 4″ kitchen knife, cooler with ice, apron or change of clothes

ADDITIONAL COST: If you cannot bring your own knife, we can supply you with one for an additional $20 per person. Please note the cost differences at check out.


Cost: $115 single, $200 per couple

CLASS LIMIT: 25 people

Teacher: Ann Accetta-Scott, A Farm Girl in the Making

Date & Time: October 11, 9am-4pm, 1 hour lunch break

Learn how to safely and effectively water bath and pressure can on your homestead! Students will learn how to use both methods successfully, learn what they should and shouldn’t do and can, and so many other answers to the canning questions they’ve always had!

What you’ll need to bring:
Nothing! HoA will provide meat, vegetables, and canning jars for this class, and you’ll get to take some home with you!


COST: $95 single

CLASS LIMIT: 25 people

Teachers: Janet Garman (Timber Creek Farm) and Patty Sanville (Budding Creek
Date & Time: All day workshop — one hour lunch break. Janet and Patty will be available during lunch for discussion and questions. 
Goal – To provide participants with a clear, working knowledge of how to process fiber from their homestead sheep or fiber bearing animals.
Participants will take part in handling a raw fleece, the sequence of skirting, sorting, carding, combing and spinning. Patty will provide instruction on using a drop spindle with prepared wool.
Discussions will include choosing the right type of fiber animal for your farm/homestead and costs involved in the animals’ care, shearing time, storing the raw fleece, and the preparation for spinning.
Later in the session we will focus preparing natural dyes and  dyeing the supplied skeins of yarn.  Participants will dye their provided yarn in at least three of the  dyes.
Each participant will keep drop spindle, raw fleece, and the dyed samples of yarn. Written materials will be provided to each participant.
*Appropriate safety gear will be available for each student to use during the dyeing portion of the workshop.

What you’ll need to bring:


Tier 1 COST: $175
Tier 2 COST: $95

Teacher: Jason Rehr, Big Bear Homestead

CLASS LIMIT: 25 people

Date & Time: October 11, 9 am- 4pm, 1 hour lunch break

Workshop will cover an in depth discussion on each homestead predator including biology, identification, and removal. We will talk about the different traps on the market and how they are used as well as safety procedures. There will be hands on demonstrations and class participation on how to identify predators and set traps for their removal.


Tier 1 Workshop attendees will receive:

  1. An informational booklet with room to make notes.
  2. A Homestead trapping starter kit (including one of each trap needed to catch homestead predators and “extras”)

Tier 2 Workshop attendees will receive:

  1. An informational booklet with room to make notes.


What you need to bring:

Participants are encouraged to bring leather work gloves. (These will not be provided since hand size varies)


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