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    Month: January 2017

    Virginia HB2030 Hearing

    CALLING ALL VIRGINIA FARMERS AND HOMESTEADERS! On January 23, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. the House Sub-Agricultural Committee met about House Bill 2030. Here’s an excerpt on HB 2030: “Exempts a producer of food, including milk, products made from milk, and poultry, from regulations of the Board of Agriculture and Consumer Services so long as the […]

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    The Basics of Raising Chickens

    Before deciding to bring home those extremely cute, newly hatched chicks, take a look at what is involved in raising chickens. Certainly, raising chickens is an enjoyable hobby with the delicious fresh eggs as a reward. But do you know the needs of the day old hatched chicks? Can you even have chickens in your neighborhood […]

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    Spicy Eggs with Bacon & Kale

    Spicy Eggs with Bacon & Kale is a favorite breakfast dish. It’s delicious, easy, healthy, and a satisfying farm-to-table meal you can grow. Eggs. If you have a homestead, you most likely have eggs. Even urban backyard chicken keepers will have eggs coming out of their ears most Summers. So when we have all of […]

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    The Best Knife Sharpener

    Having a sharp knife makes all the difference as to whether the work of slicing, cutting, chopping, and more is a dream…. or a nightmare. Dull knives make food preparation (or whatever the job is) frustrating and sometimes a literal pain. Properly sharpening your knives extend their life so having a quality knife sharpener is […]

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