Vendor spaces are now open! 


or use the form below.

Due to the high volume of interest in this event, and the projected amount of attendees, we are strategically placing vendors in certain areas of the event where we think each group will best benefit. This information will be on your finalized form when you receive it. You are responsible for your own tables, chairs, and tent.

If you are unable to provide your own tables, chairs, and tent, please note this when corresponding with us so that we can make other arrangements for you. An additional cost will be applied.

If you are interested in donating towards a vendor space and can’t attend yourself, please contact

IMPORTANT: If you are a food truck or food vendor (non-farmer’s market items), you must have insurance and provide proof of it with your vendor registration. If you are a food truck, food vendor, or plan to make food onsite for sale, YOU MUST HAVE A HEALTH CERTIFICATE.


  1. Vendor must provide own tables and chairs for the event.
  2. If you need electricity for your vendor space, there is an additional $50 fee. Please note this on your registration.
  3. Your registration is NOT accepted until you receive a CONFIRMTION OF BOOKING email from us. This form is simply an application. We reserve the right to turn away any vendor if we feel it is not a good fit for this event.
  4. Vendors are responsible for their own product, banners, promo materials, etc. Each vendor is required to clean up their space as it was before. If your space is not cleaned properly upon departure, there may be a cleanup fee billed separately.
  5. This is a binding agreement. Should you decide to cancel your vendorship of this event after confirmation has been sent, you will only receive partial refund. $45 will be kept for administrative filing and time.
  6. ALL FOOD ITEMS MUST BE LABELED. In the state of Virginia, all food items (breads, desserts, cheese, etc) must be labeled with an ingredient list. If your food items are homemade, your label must state that your items are not created in an inspected or commercial kitchen.
  7. Rappahannock Media nor Homesteaders of America are legally responsible should you be uncompliant with Virginia state laws. Please do your research and adhere.



10×10 Vendor Space — $100

Double Vendor Space — $175

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