We are currently looking for sponsors to help support this event. If you are a homesteading, farming, or prepping related business, we want to hear from you! We have multiple different tiers of sponsorship, and we have structured our packages so that your business is promoted for an entire year, not just at the conference, but online, in video, and more!

The Homesteaders of America Conference is a conference located in Virginia, with homesteaders from across the entire East Coast—and beyond—participating in this yearly event. The conference focuses on bringing awareness to the modern day homesteader—canning, living off the land, gardening, hunting, home meat processing, permaculture, holistic medicine, and more.

We are very excited about this brand new opportunity to bring the homesteading community together for a full day of education with like minded businesses and people. But we’ll need your help in order to make it happen. This event is a completely self-sustainable event. That means that all of our sponsorship and vendor revenue will go directly towards paying for this event so that it is a debt-free event. After all, this is the homesteader way. This event is owned and operated by homesteaders. Leftover proceeds go towards the following year’s event (which will be a 2 day event), website upkeep, and as an investment into our homesteading community.

The next step is to partner with like minded businesses and sponsors to help pay for the upfront cost of making this conference happen. If you would like to review a media kit of sponsorship packages, please email our Founder, Amy Fewell, or our Sponsorship Coordinator, Carina Richard-Wheat. Or call 540-827-8285

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