Baker’s GIVEAWAY || Handmade Rolling Pin and Bread Book



Last weekend we made a trip down to North Carolina to Turtle Island Preserve and met some amazing people. In pure HoA fashion, we had to bring home some of those amazing products. The particular one in the photo is this handmade wooden rolling pin, created by The Vintage Truck Woodworking. We are partnering this handmade kitchen tool with one of our favorite educational bread books written by Jessie Hawkins of Vintage Remedies!

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Follow Homesteaders of America on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Follow The Vintage Truck Woodworking on Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Leave a comment below telling us what is your favorite thing to make in the kitchen! (and tell us how many entries you did)
  4. SHARE this post or our social media post about this giveaway.

That’s it! The more you do, the more entries you receive. Ready, set, go!


  1. My favorite thing to make would would be homemade noodles. You just can’t beat a good noodle soup!
    Already liked you on facebook but added you and the vintage truck woodworking on instagram as well as the vintage truck on facebook. Also. shared your giveaway.

  2. I have taken on Esther Emery challenge to start small and make one change so this year I am baking bread every week and totally loving it. This has inspired me to make other changes but that is the one I love the most.

  3. Favorite thing to make in the kitchen has got to be breads.
    Liked and followed on FB and Instagram, and shared FB post.

  4. Last week I made hyacinth tea- lemonade jelly and so far this year that’s my favorite new thing I’m making in the kitchen.

    6 entries

  5. Oh my, my favorite thing to make right now is Dandelion Cookies. My kids and I can’t get enough! … Following both pages on FB and Shared the post.

  6. Followed both sites on Facebook and Instagram. Love making homemade pitas for a healthy version of wraps.

  7. My favorite thing to make in the kitchen is homemade pumpkin pie from pumpkins that grew in our garden. Liked and shared HoA and The Vintage Truck on Facebook and liked on Instagram.

  8. My favorite thing to bake in the kitchen? An entire meal from scratch. It’s hard to decide what I really love, my fiance is all about making bread, I think soups are wonderful and easy and can have fun components. But my neighbor would say Blueberry Muffins, because they’re easy and delicious and his favorite.

    I follow and like both, yourselves and now the vintagetruck woodworking, on Facebook and Instagram so that’s 4 entries. I’ll be sharing on my farm page so others have such a great opportunity.

  9. Liked/followed both groups on fb and on instagram, comment here and sharing your fb post.

    My favorite thing to bake is pies as they are easy (easy as pie!) yet people are impressed cause they think pies are complicated. Lemon meringue is our favorite.

  10. My daughter and i have really been enjoying trying out new bread, biscuits, pancake recipies. And i have LIKED FOLLOWED AND SHARED all. Thanks for a grat giveaway

  11. I cook nearly all our meals. I love to bake, my father was a cook in the Army in world war 2 and a head baker in Federal Bakeery in Tennessee. I grew up on a farm so I love most vegetable dishes. We eat very little meat but love salads. I grow my own veggies too.
    My favorite thing to make for dinner is a big salad full of veggies and a nice slice of homemade bread with my home made butter too. I dehydrate a lot if things and some go on the salads.
    I guess I have three entry’s,

  12. I love to make biscuits or cookies! And for the entry, I did all 4 request. Thank you for this chance! That homemade rolling pin is to die for 😍

  13. Can we still be entered if we don’t have those social media’s? It would be wonderful to have a book designed just for homemade bread !

  14. PIES!! My husband makes amazing crusts, that comes out flaky and yummy every time! And I make all kinds of yummy fillings. So we LOVE making pies and we were the first to sell mini pies in Kansas, to boot!

  15. I love making homemade pie! All kinds of pie. Apple pie, peach pie, lemon ma-rang, custard, cherry, black berry… just to name a few. Anytime someone asks us over for dinner I get to work!

    1 entry

  16. I love to make bread! I havent found that perfect recipe yet!! I liked both on FB and Instagram. Also shared from Homesteaders of America’s fb page! Thanks for the chance!

  17. I did all the entries I could, shared on my instagran, Facebook, Pinterest, google… loves all the pages on both Facebook and instagram. But the main reason is because I am a huge believer and supporter of this conference! I can not wait to meet everyone, and come learn all I can! My new love for backing began about a year ago into my homesteading journey…. when I realized I could make so much myself. Right now I am living to learn how to make breaks and pizza crust… but I have so so much to learn I ha e not even scratched the surface! If I don’t win I will be buying this book! 🙂 God bless you all! Can’t wait until oct!

  18. Followed both on Facebook and Instagram and I shared it on Facebook. My favorite thing in the kitchen to make is buttermilk biscuits.

  19. I did #1 and #2 and my new favorite thing to bake is pies! I made my first homemade crust a few weeks ago and fell in love with baking pies. I’d love the rolling pin to keep me going!!

  20. my favorite item to make in the kitchen is so simple but so delicious. I love making homemade salsa using my garden fresh veggies. This is wonderful with homemade chips, fish, and so many other ways.

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