The FULL 2017 conference schedule can be found below. Simply CLICK HERE — 2017 Homesteaders of America Schedule to view a full schedule of our speakers and all day demonstrators.

There are several breaks throughout the day, and we encourage you to visit our vendors, sponsors, and food stands during that time. During the breaks, enjoy demonstrators from our all day demonstrators who will host main workshops during that time.

This is a pick and choose schedule, but we hope that the breaks will help you see everything you’d like to see! (Our 2018 two-day event will be much easier to navigate).

**LUNCH — please note that there is a designated time for lunch, but lunch can be gotten during any break. Lunch can also be brought into the pavilion during the Q&A time.

***THE CAMPFIRE is being sponsored by our friends at Two Family Homestead. Be sure to give them a big thanks when you see them!

CLICK HERE — 2017 Homesteaders of America Schedule

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